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The following images represent a personal study that attempts to concurrently synthesize several realities.

The ultimate goal is to create a fresh, contemporary tectonic, while recognizing certain influences of mid-20th century design and cultural zeitgeist.

Atomic deserts, hovering metal ships, roadside steel and glass, space age superhighways- all come to mind.

These are purely iconic images however, not ingredients for a nostalgic recreation of a particular style.

The moods and environments are deliberately ambiguous; it is left to the viewer to decide if they are looking at places of desolation and loneliness or scenes of quiet solitude.

All prints are giclee printed on heavy fine art watercolor paper, signed and numbered by the artist.

Each print is limited to a series of 20 and measure 30"L x 20"W including border, unframed.

Prices are $340.00 each.

Other sizes can be printed upon request and prices and editions vary.

Desert DeChirco


Look Sharp!

Observation Deck

Sky Tropics

Un, Dos, Cha Cha Cha

Tiki Float

You've Never Had It So Good!

A Quiet Night At Home

Getting There

House of the Future

Doomsday Machine For Living

Deserts Will Bloom

Tabu Lounge

Baby Bongo Conga

Modern Living

Red Means Go!

Styled To Stand Out

The "In" Crowd

Tiki Bunker

Air Lounge

Desert Crawl

Join The Modern Jet Set

Departure Lounge

The Sky Club

The Wing Will Fly

Desert Oasis

Privacy Screen


Size Matters

Tiki Palms

Why Wait?

Cocktail Before Target Practice